Retrofit Engineering and Design

A retrofit engineering and design is the first step in any professional seismic retrofit. These become necessary when our risk assessment determines that deficiencies exist in a structure susceptible to an earthquake. SNW’s retrofit engineering takes into account the owner, lender, leasee, or insurer to make sure everyone’s needs are met. Fit, form, and function will not be sacrificed because our engineers design that into the retrofit. Our qualified, licensed engineering team supports foundation and building construction concerns, from cripple walls to tilt-up walls. Codes, inspections, current concerns, and future concerns are all addressed so you don’t have to worry.

Our engineers use a variety of techniques to customize to your unique needs. Simpson materials, plywood shear walls, concrete shear walls, braced frames, foundations, cantilevered columns, and moment-resisting frames.

Seismic evaluation

Is where SNWs engineer will come out to your building and perform a seismic study to look for deficiencies and evaluate buildings to withstand the effects of earthquakes. For the evaluation and retrofit process and puts forth a three-tiered process for seismic evaluation according to a range of building performance levels—from collapse prevention to operational—that marry targeted structural performance with the performance of nonstructural elements.

Seismic Calculations

Description of existing construction, Tier 1/2/3 checklist, Life safety checklist, Life safety structural checklist, Load summary, Live load summary, Story shear panel calculation, Overturning calculation

Masonry calculation and Concrete calculation

You will receive the calculations and report for all walls, pillars and roof that you can take to your own contactor or use SNW commercial to complete the upgrades.


SNW will design a complete set of plans using the calculations from the engineer ready to be sent into the city for a permit. SNW design will follow the process all the way until the city has released the permit ready for construction.

Commercial or residential

Seismic Northwest will help you   with all your retrofit needs, whether in your home  or your commercial property, we have the  expertise and years of knowledge to make sure the job gets done correctly the first time.
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